February 17, 2021

We’re approaching close to two months since my mom requested my Dad’s phones back from rzim so we could examine them. She has requested them repeatedly, and we still don’t have them.

But in August, as we first found out about the allegations, we looked at his phones to check the contact between dad and two of the people involved – Anurag and Vicki. Not having any clue what Dad would accused of months later, we didn’t spend time searching through every part of his phone. Now I wish we had.

These pictures are some of the texts between Dad and Anurag. In Anurag’s messages, he speaks about the behavior of Steve Baughman, the man who has driven a lot of this. Anurag refers to Baughman as “SFO Attorney” and “Banjo man” and calls him crazy. The context of additional comments is that Baughman is baselessly attacking my Dad’s character and that my Dad is a good man. But Anurag would later team up with Baughman and say the opposite.

The other individual, Vicki, clearly did not have the discomfort with Dad that has been alleged in stories with her portion. Since she has tried to keep her identify vague I must respect that, so I can’t post messages as they give identifiable info. But she asks if he has been getting her repeated messages the last year, including her birthday text from him 9 months prior. She asks him to reply more often, says “You’re the ONLY intelligent person I know.” He talks about the ministry and family. She offers to give my mom and dad massages, and asks him for prayer.

These are clearly not the words of people who consider my dad to be a predator or a man with a double life. Rzim had these messages. Interesting they didn’t make it the report. It mentions details like he didn’t want to use rzim’s private wifi, so as to shape the narrative, but somehow mentioning that at least two of his accusers behaved in ways that contradict their stories didn’t make the cut.

And speaking of that wifi narrative, well I worked at RZIM until last summer Under one IT Director we were all specifically asked to *only* connect our phones to the public wifi and NOT the private network, as phones were considered a security risk on the network.

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