February 23, 2021

This is a line used to convey Dad as not only having a problem, but being a theological reprobate, as well. Only one problem: its not at all the context in which he said it.

Dad was in debilitating pain at one point, which Miller & Martin was kind enough to “accept” as real. I’m still waiting to find out if they consider his cancer real too. But the pain was so bad that Dad had thoughts of coming off the road. The ministry was not thrilled with that idea and kept encouraging him to keep going. The only way he knew how was with the back treatments. They were the only thing that were providing relief. So when those proved helpful he told my mom himself that the therapist was “God’s reward” to help him keep going in ministry.

Miller & Martin and RZIM could have found that out had they bothered to interview my mom or involve her in the presentation by the investigators. But they didn’t. Why be thorough when a man’s legacy is on the line?

And one more fact, the investigation started with one investigator. Then that person was replaced (I don’t know why) and they started all over. When they went to interview people, they told some people they believed my Dad to be guilty and had the evidence to prove it before they asked them any questions. That means every person they spoke to that way was framing their answers and their experience with the idea of guilt in mind rather than objective observations.

In meantime, still waiting on the phones.