Third Ladder

I believe that one day my Dad’s actual legacy will be restored. One piece of that – a huge piece – is his vision for humanitarian aid, and he entrusted it to my sister Naomi.

Together, they pursued the idea of showing that apologetics is not just a matter for the brain, it’s one of the heart. Apologetics is incomplete if you don’t pair it with a compassionate heart and a helping hand. We’re missing a crucial step if we say we follow Christ, but don’t help those who are hungry, hurting, and lonely.

Jesus came to fix the needs of our heart. But our physical needs also matter to Him, and He asked us to take them seriously on behalf of others.

The ministry of Wellspring gave millions to those in need over the years. People are alive today because of that vision. People have food today because of that vision. Women have been rescued and healed because of that vision.

Wellspring was shut down by RZIM, but that can’t take away the literal life giving impact it had. And they can’t take away the fact that it was a direct result of my Dad’s heart for those in need.

Though Wellspring is now gone, there is good news, because the people behind it are not.

As projects responded in shock and fear over what their future now held following Wellspring’s closure, Naomi and her team decided they couldn’t let circumstances out of their control stop the work they were doing. They decided to rebuild and do all they could to support their projects, and hopefully find additional ones, as well.

They launched Third Ladder as a result.

Their support is unknown as the potential donor based starts over from scratch. But the integrity, mission, and opportunity are strong. And there you’ll a group of people dedicated to connecting your heart with the heart of someone in need.

Right now they have a generous match grant offered to them – one donor will match every gift received by December 31st, up to a total of $60,000 USD. Your money can be doubled in the effort to support projects that bring physical healing to burn victims, to feed a family, to rescue women in trafficking, to give children a home and an education.

If you’re thinking of giving at this time of year, I would encourage you to take a look at Third Ladder. (