The Party Has Spoken

I thought I was largely done posting, but when things are posted at a high level I feel it important to respond. So here’s what’s new. 

Big news for you apologists out there, as you’ve all been unionized by Sean McDowell, Mike & Debbie Licona, Paul Copan, and William Lane Craig. Those 5 people have now declared themselves your governing committee. So despite the fact that they are not a church or organization that anyone agreed to submit to, they can now publicly deem people unfit for ministry. 

Their first mission, was do to another investigation, because really, we were due for another one anyways. I mean, if you’re not doing an investigation every couple of months are you really even living? And you’re only as relevant as the publicity of your latest investigation and judgment. They say they spent 1000 hours, which sounds like a lot until you realize that’s just over 8 days a person on the committee.

Best not to move too slowly when deciding you’re going to wipe out another person or three.

That said, I should be thankful. Because had it been 1001 hours, it’s quite likely they would have said that Dad also created Covid, tried to steal Christmas from Whoville, and was frequently seen around the office wearing a top hat and twirling his mustache while diabolically staring into the camera. 

While it’s no secret I have differed strongly with RZIM’s leadership in their opinions and handling of this situation, to claim that they intimidated people and greased the wheels for Dad these last few years is absolutely absurd. And they have collectively made so many statements and apologies. They went to great lengths to care for those who claimed they were mistreated by leadership. (Claims that are ridiculous but claims, nevertheless)

They continued to pay former employees who had publicly separated from them. Ruth was put on paid leave so she hadn’t worked there in months, but then only complained when they officially cut ties with her. She hadn’t been doing her job as mutually agreed, and was glad to accept the paycheck to not do her job, as mutually agreed. It was only once the paychecks were going to stop that she resumed her public critique of them and acted sad that she could not do the job she hadn’t been doing for months.

The only people RZIM withheld counseling and resources from, were us. If the M&M report was true (and again, I don’t believe it for good reasons)…but even if it was true, I don’t know what else these are supposed to do to that would appease this self appointed Party. There was no more earth left to scorch. No more swords left to fall on. Yet these three are now declared unfit. That is ridiculous and not within this self elected committee’s authority to do so. 

As for some of the additional “findings,” they are from the same usual suspects, and they are full of so many lies it is hard to know where to begin. While billed as a moral compulsion to investigate those who were once investigators, this one actually seems like it had a goal going in – to pit Dad against Nabeel. And that was never the dynamic between the two of them. Dad took the blame from those who disagreed with Nabeel’s departure from RZIM, but it wasn’t his doing. And it is clear The Party has continued to hold resentment over that issue. But again, it was not his doing. He was informed of the reasons by all those involved, but the reasons did not come from him. They remained close afterwards, and Mom and Dad remained close with Michelle after Nabeel’s passing. 

I’m puzzled how Dad could be so jealous that he “stranded” Nabeel, so as to send a message and make sure he couldn’t get the spotlight, but then also told Nabeel he was going to be his successor.’re looking to knock someone down a peg it’s usually not advised that you tell them they are going to take over for you one day. So those would seem to be contradictory stories.

Also, conflict during Nabeel’s time there was actually escalated by none other than Ruth M, herself, who complained about his requests for her time when she was a PR person for a whole team. And if there’s one thing you know by now, Ruth doesn’t complain quietly or briefly. She started the ball rolling on what happened with Nabeel. She was a driving and major factor as to why his time ended at RZIM – a fact she has clearly hidden and written over with a new narrative. So I’ll say it again: the decision to part ways did not come from Dad, nor did the reasons. It was decided on and handled by others on the leadership team. To claim otherwise now is a lie. 

One other thing I’ll point out, is that neither Nabeel or Dad are now here to weigh into any of this. Yet the Party is making such sweeping and definitive statements without their input. That is intellectually flawed. These sources are painting this as a Dad vs Nabeel story. But from a logical level, I find it interesting that a different standard of of what can be accepted as evidence is being applied to each case. Anecdotal evidence is allowed for their part of the story that claims to be Nabeel’s, and paints Dad in a certain way. But such anecdotal evidence it is not allowed for the defense of Dad. Truth is truth, whether you like the person saying it or not. The Party likes Ruth, Carson, Amy, Daniel, etc. So their stories are taken as is. They don’t like me or anyone that challenges the narrative they are promoting, so any story countering their sources will be disregarded even though I have close knowledge of the situation. Once again, not a great look for apologists who claim to be experts at looking at all the evidence.

Which reminds me, once again, this is another investigation that did not reach out to us for any information we could provide on the matter. And we have a lot of information. 

Such people will never care what they have taken from others, and from this world, in their witch hunt. They’ve removed materials from the shelves. Speakers from stages. Broken families. And I include Judy Dabler in their list of victims, as she has continued to be wrongly trashed in every report and a victim of her own suspect investigation. Judy changed countless lives for the better. And they’ve prevented people from getting that help now. Their’s is a wake of destruction that the Lord will call into account. 

I’ll close with this. They spent over 3300 words spewing all this nonsense, and they gave one – ONLY ONE – brief sentence acknowledging the pain my sister was going through and how that impacted her, and impacts her still. And as if the brevity of it wasn’t cold enough, the academic tone of it made it as insincere as possible, saying “We acknowledge the pain (Davis) Phillips experienced…” One sentence of her pain, and they couldn’t even bring themselves to use the word trauma, which would be accurate. One mention. Which is half as many times as they mentioned their doctorates in the statement.

Adding to that, they boast about the 1000 hours devoted to this, but not one second of their time has ever been spent in all of this reaching out to my Mom to see if they can minister to her in any way.

Those two measurements tell me more about their brand of Christianity than anything else. Such behavior is not in the calling of ministry. It’s in the business of talking.

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